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Business portal with municipalities

We have been successfully developing digital platforms for the Ministry of Justice for several years now.




Web UI/UX Design, Back-end development, Front-end Development


CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, ReactJS

 You can familiarize yourself with the presentation of the "Business Portal with Municipalities" ( ). A portal has been presented that will implement both the daily work of municipalities and the delivery of citizens' appeals to municipalities as soon as possible.

🔍 Citizens through the portal:

- with news about local self-government,

- get acquainted with the list of artists and electoral bodies,

  they can also send their online applications and offers in a short time.

🔍 Municipalities through the portal:

- municipalities and local self-government bodies enter their private offices,

- create and amend protocols according to the activities of citizens,

- exchange of documents between municipalities,

in a word, they can now implement the functionality they used to do with paper and emails through the platform.