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Back-end development, Front-end Development


CSS, Java, HTML 5 is a web platform actively used by all government and business organizations in Azerbaijan. Therefore, updating this resource was both a responsible and important task for us.

Currently, the new version of the platform provides a user-friendly interface to visitors.

We have provided the web platform with rich features to make it easy for users to transact with different types of documents:

· Detailed search options

It is possible to filter the search into different features to get the most accurate results from searches within the platform. For example, according to the number of the document, according to the words entered, according to the date of the documents, according to the status, and so on.

· Possibility to carry out operations on documents

You can perform various operations on the documents that appear in the search results; Compare two documents, select, and save them in the "My Documents" section, read in the dark mode, print, etc.

· Extensive function amine panel

The management of this platform should also be considered when developing such important and large-scale platforms. We have developed a special Content Management Tool (CMS-admin panel) with a wide range of functions for the website. Through this admin panel, you can easily enter, modify, delete and many other operations on the website.