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Smart Customs


E-Government, Logistics, Lifestyle


Android Development , Mobile UI/UX design , Back-end development


Android SDK, Swift UI Kit, Kotlin, IOS-SDK

Smart Customs is a new application developed for the State Customs Committee of the Azerbaijan Republic.

The main aim of the application is to accelerate and increase the quality of the services rendered by the State Customs Committee. The application allows users to queue online for border crossings, calculate vehicle customs duties, appeal to the Committee, get news and contact the Call Center of the State Customs Committee. 


With the new update released on September 24, we added a new feature to the mobile application, "Simplified Declaration - E-Commerce". Thanks to this innovation, it is easier to declare orders from abroad. Even if you exceed the limit set by the legislation, you do not need to go through a long procedure by approaching the customs authority.

You can declare orders from abroad in the following simple steps:

1. Download and register the application

2. Insert product information

3. Make your customs payments


After this simple process, the package you ordered will be delivered directly to the address you specified.