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Recruitment Portal

Forget traditional recruitment methods!

Sharing vacancies on social networks, receiving CVs via e-mail, storing candidates' information on a computer and calling candidates one by one is not for the people of the digital age!

Even for vacancies that you have not yet announced, suitable candidates will be available in advance on the Recruitment Portal.


See more on real projects.

Smart Digital Signage

Another great product that we want to show you is also made in mind to help retailers to run their business in more productive way. Many retailers, hotels and restaurants have monitors/TVsplaced in their selling environments.  This software lets businesses to eliminate the following problems

  • wrong USB card on the wrong display
  • human resources to handle it, and so human mistakes
  • time lose, that causes unproductivity of your merchandiser
  • loading icon that appears in between the videos
  • big pauses in between the videos
  • and many other small problems

We offer you a solution to this type of problem. This centralized software allows government agencies and enterprises to manage each monitor from a single source.

Telegram Bot for Device Controlling

This software is unique for companies with a large number of payment terminals, ATMs, cash registers and other devices in the field.

The aim of the project is to promptly transfer the problems with the devices to the task manager of the technical team, to ensure troubleshooting as soon as possible.

The working principle is very simple:

-Through the admin panel, you create problems within the categories according to the nature of your work

-You report problems to the system via Telegram bot based on predefined categories or by manual entry

-Reported faults are already reported to the task manager of the technical team (Jira, Trello,, etc.).

Automated Money Collection Portal

The Automated Money Collection Portal is a unique software for companies that receive continuous payments from different points (agents).

The portal automates settlements between your bank account and the agent's bank account.

Using the portal:

  • You will save 50% on operating costs
  • Expenditures on the financial team are minimized
  • The efficiency of your team's work is maximized
  • You will avoid human mistakes

Music control from a distance

iOS Development

We use modern technologies such as Swift when developing Native iOS mobile applications. Working with these technologies allows our customers to easily scale up the application in the future.

For the maximum benefit of iOS applications to customers, we take into account the following points when programming:

- Customers of your company using iOS devices are looking for high performance and spectacular UX / UX. Everything should look nice and the main modules should be in the hands of the user.

-The volume of the project may increase in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to write the base codes in a planned way.

- Mobile phone sensors and various readers need to be used effectively within the application

- The main source of income should be mobile sales, not ads displayed within the application.

React Native Development

If you want to have only one code base, but reach both iOS and Android users, the optimal technology for you is React Native. While Native mobile apps are still the conqueror of hearts, React Native mobile apps are fast and affordable to develop with minimal investment in low-code infrastructure in the start-up phase.

We recommend the use of cross-platform technologies if:

- Want to launch the application as soon as possible and test hm iOS / Android together.

- You want to start with small steps and check, then expand

-Responsibility and interactivity are not important, you need a simple and functional application

Mobile UI/UX design

We take the seeds of design from your suggestions, feed it with market research, business analysis, and take care of it with our creative design skills. We are sure that successful, profitable and game-changing mobile products can be achieved by this method!

 Logos, backgrounds, screen transitions, animations and the general appearance of your business application are developed over the years with a special User Interface approach that is specific to your business.

Since the main purpose of the mobile application is to determine the convenience of the customer, we pay special attention to the User Experience of your mobile application to be user friendly and understandable. 

Web UI/UX Design

Web Design no longer consists of simple, HTML-based forms!

The requirements of the modern age are a creative approach and interactive forms.

Users spend an average of only 3-5 seconds to rate your website - a user-friendly interface and simple navigation are some of the most important things they look for. The creative Crocusoft team develops web platforms from the design stage in a way that focuses on the main purpose of the business.

We described the way we prepare web designs in our blog 

Front-end Development

People will use your web portal with devices of different screen sizes ...

design ideas must be successfully applied to website ...

dynamic elements must work efficiently ...

Development is not done just by creating complex algorythms and writing lines of codes. All the points in the paragraph above need to be worked out in detail at the front-end programming stage

We use the latest technologies in front end programming to get the desired result from web platforms

Back-end development

Back-end programming will allow you to perform basic digital operations in any software we prepare for you.

The main back-end services are the development of algorithms, requests from users, sending responses , the database to which the data is transmitted, the development of major software infrastructure such as servers.

Creating more accurate and secure systems by constantly applying new technologies is a top priority for us.

Android Development

Our Android programmers use Kotlin language when developing mobile applications. Kotlin is the latest programming language based on Google and used in most documentation.

Why do you need native android applications in your business?

- Most of the users in your audience use Android phones and dream of high performance, neat design

- You want to have detailed data up to the level of functionality of the user's mobile phone operating system

- You have a project in which the base codes are written in a planned way, which can be expanded in the future

Database Maintenance

Database maintenance includes checking for signs of corruption in the database, looking for problem areas, rebuilding indexes, removing duplicate records, and checking for any abnormalities in the database that might signal a problem. The goal is to keep the database operating smoothly for users so that ideally they never need to think about maintenance issues. A database that is not maintained can become sluggish, and people may start to experience problems when trying to access records.


Choose us to create and maintain your database to be a step ahead.


CRM Software. The software is used to organize and automate sales, marketing and customer service. CRM has advanced and comprises all areas of the customer experience. Crocusoft offers CRM services which will enable your company to keep its customers happy, loyal and more valuable to your business by developing the best CRM tools.

Over time, many additional functions have been added to CRM systems to make them more useful. Some of these functions include recording various customer interactions over email, phone, social media or other channels; depending on system capabilities, automating various workflow automation processes, such as tasks, calendars and alerts; and giving managers the ability to track performance and productivity based on information logged within the system.

Software Testing

There can be many reasons for defects in the software. The developer can also make an error which may result in a defect or bug in the software source code. Any defect or bug in the software will produce wrong results causing a failure. When a bug or defect causes in the software application, testing is done to find out the cause of the defect and to remove the bug.

Also, if a part of the software develops bug, it has to be rectified so that it does not disrupt the whole process of the software program. That rectified part is again tested to confirm that it is compatible with the rest of the program. Testing the software created by a third party in accordance with a properly conducted testing procedure is one of our specialities. Do not forget that a properly done software testing is one of the most important cases for the success of your software.

Creation of Virtual Servers

System and Business Analysis

Before embarking on any software development project, it is important to understand how the processes work in the existing system. It does not matter whether the processes within the company are automated by any software or on paper. It is important to understand how the existing processes take place and who are the participants in the process. What are the parties, and how do they work? To do this, we offer a system analysis service. At the end of proper system analysis, the company can even determine whether it needs software or whether it needs to be updated. Our customers who have successfully passed this stage sometimes optimize the existing system without the need to start a new project and continue for several more years without incurring additional costs.


If the end result of the system analysis is software development, then the process must continue with the business analysis process (collection of business requirements). Sometimes large, complex documents are prepared for the business analysis process. However, experience shows that sometimes complex documents are not read, and they become obsolete until the end of the project. That's why we collect this information with more designs, mockups, and excel files and pass it on to the rapid development team.

“Dedicated” team creation for complex app development

When non-IT companies decide to develop digital transformation or large-scale software, they rightly refrain from outsourcing the project (projects) to a single IT company. The reason is how responsible and sustainable the IT company will be to this project (projects) and how they will ensure this transparency. That's why we offer our clients to build a Dedicated team on large-scale projects. This team is formed either as part of the Client Company (if the project is large enough and the implementation period is close to 2 years) or as part of our company. Product owners and Project Managers are required by the client to ensure transparency. The established Dedicated team successfully implements the project and even continues the Technical Support phase. Thus, we create a "Dedicated" command and continue to get the same effect with this service without setting up the user's In-house command (in many cases, Clients without IT experience fail because they cannot manage the command).

CRM for agent network

One of the solutions developed by the Crocusoft team in recent years is the Agent CRM platform for companies whose business is based on the Agent network. The platform has the following functionalities:

  • User management
  • Role management
  • Warehouse management
  • Assignment of types of equipment
  • Assignment of names for equipment
  • Equipment management by type and name selection
  • Operation of equipment without serial number
  • Relocation of equipment by station or warehousė
  • Management of station owners
  • Management of stations
  • City management
  • Management of districts
  • Management of curators
  • Management of the installation process of stations
  • Management of the scientific process of returning points
  • Management of the process of equipment repair at the stations
  • The process of managing damaged equipment
  • Inclusion of payments for station owners
  • Sending an SMS to the station owners
  • Category management
  • Subcategory management
  • The process of recording incoming calls from agents
  • Collateral value management
  • Precinct visit management
  • FAQ header management
  • FAQ management
  • 3000+ winnings management
  • Equipment requirements management

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